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You are given results on a cas

You are given results on a cas.

You are given results on a case control study on alcoholism and breast cancer, 200m participants with Breast cancer and 200 participants without cancer were selected and questioned on previous alcohol use.

Breast Cancer (+)

Breast Cancer (-)


Heavy alcohol use




No/low alcohol use








  1. Calculate and interpret the appropriate measure of association for this study?
  2. You later learn that 15 of the controls [Breast CANCER (-)] did not remember their previous heavy alcohol use and incorrectly reported that they were low alcohol users. By comparison all the breast cancer (+) cases correctly remembered their alcohol use. Please compare appropriate measure of association. (HINT: create a new 2×2 table below)
  3. Was there evidence of Bias in this study? If so what type of Bias?

You are given results on a cas


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