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You are a nurse on a pediatric

You are a nurse on a pediatric.

4 . You are a nurse on a pediatric renal unit and you oversee 24- hour urine collection toevaluate epidermal growth factor ( EGF ) excretion , an important indicator of health statusin children with acute renal failure . Urinary EGE excretion is expressed as a ratio ofurinary EGE to urinary creatinine concentration ( EGE / Cr ) . Random ( spot ) urinarycollection is less resource intensive than 24- hour urinary collection , but you are uncertainwhether the two methods yield equivalent results . You would like to examine theassociation between the two variables more closely . You have obtained random ( spot )urinary EGE / CI concentrations followed by 24- hour urine on 25 children in the unit . Thedata have been entered into an Excel data file called EGE. XIsx . Import this data file intoSPSS and answer the following questions :"a . Use SPSS to obtain the regression equation , where random ( spot ) urinary EGE / CYconcentration is the dependent variable and 24 – hour urinary EGE / Cr is theindependent variable . What is the regression equation ? ( 1 Mark )b. Is 24 – hour urinary EGE / Cr concentration a good predictor of random ( spot ) urinaryFGF / Cr concentration ? Support*ort your answer by citing ( and interpreting ) relevantstatistics from the SPSS output . ( 1 Mark )C . What is the Pearson’s correlation coefficient representing the strength of theassociation between random ( spot ) EGE / Cr and 24 – hour EGF / CI concentration ? ( 1Mark )

You are a nurse on a pediatric


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