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Writing Assignment 5

Is healthcare a human right and does everyone in the world deserve the most extensive treatment regardless of the cost? Should global health interventions focus on maximizing outcomes (whatever they may be) for the most people instead of investing extensively in few individuals? These ethical dilemmas are common in global health and require an ethical framework to help guide agencies, governments, and individuals in making decisions as to where and when to invest scare resources.
In this assignment you must identify and describe one contemporary global health priority. Next, describe what intervention program should be implemented to address this priority. Next, provide a justification from a specific ethical framework (e.g. humanitarianism, equality, human rights, utilitarianism) why this issue and intervention is the most compelling or important topic and intervention compared to other pressing global health issues. Finally, provide a discussion of possible critiques for your priority, intervention, and justification using at least one other ethical framework. As an example, you can think back to the film ‘The Life Equation’ where a non-profit invested thousands of dollars to assist a woman with cervical cancer due to their emphasis on human rights. However, critiques could argue from a utilitarian approach that investing that same amount of money in oral rehydration therapies in the same area could have a larger impact on health conditions by reducing the burden of gastrointestinal diseases.
For each section you must provide at least one unique citation. Please make sure to properly cite all of your sources both in-text (identifying any direct quotations or sources of the information) as well as in a bibliography at the end. The final bibliography should be cited in APA format. If you have questions about the APA format please consult https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/general_format.html
Please use this template to provide your responses as the rubric is based on this format and allows us to find the information in the appropriate sections.


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