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Write A One Page Blog

Write A One Page Blog.

Instructions: Read through the following report, titled ‘Humans wanted: How Canadian youth can thrive in the age of disruption’, and write a one-page blog on this report, from your perspective as a university student. You only need read the introduction, executive summary and conclusions to get the gist of the report.

The copy can be accessed at:


Keep your tone personal and conversational, as the audience is other university students who follow your blog on life in university.

You can talk about your experiences as a student, but focus on how this announcement does/does not help you, and what more needs to be done to help university students in Canada.

Invite interaction, perhaps by asking readers to respond to your post by asking them a question, or inviting them to make a comment of their own on your blog.

Feel free to add a photo or graphic (not a video for this assignment), but don’t forget to credit your source. Add two hyperlinks to other online articles that you are mentioning or quoting from.

Write a catchy headline for your blog entry, and also include a list of keywords at the end of your post for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on search engines like Google.

Write A One Page Blog


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