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Write a 2 page essay on Projec

Write a 2 page essay on Projec.

Write a 2 page essay on Project management.

The three entities of ABC Canada will now share financial, human resources, and sales management elements. There is a fundamental problem of the current systems as they cannot integrate and share information with each other. According to Jean Roberge, the vice president of IT at ABS Canada, the required system should be able to integrate the management system for the development of the entire organisation.

The adoption of the new system presents various management issues that include the technological changes making some of the current approaches become obsolete. There is an imminent change in the direction of IT management at the company following the implementation of the proposed system. This will change the roles performed by Roberge, hence he needs to find someone who can assist in performing the various activities arising after adopting the new system. The process of getting an assistant to Roberge is a fundamental challenge that is threatening the implementation of the proposed system

Understanding the situation remains essential towards gaining insight and consequently getting the solution to the problem facing the organisation. It is essential to make a consideration of the organisational capabilities regarding information technology in seeking to ascertain the possible solutions to the problem identified. Roberge should conduct an Emerging Issues Analysis in seeking to understand the concerns which might arise in future and develop a strategic plan for the future (Kloppenborg, 2014). This would involve brainstorming with fellow employees whom he feels can provide support in finding solutions to the problem.

Since technological change remains inevitable, there is need for Roberge to conduct training of fellow employees through the consultants who have been involved in making the proposals. This will enhance the knowledge of

Write a 2 page essay on Projec


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