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Write a 2 page essay on ICE Pa

Write a 2 page essay on ICE Pa.

Write a 2 page essay on ICE Paper.

ty in Facebook continues to increase after the guarantee that Facebook is on the lookout for security lapses and always striving to enhance privacy controls. The fact that Facebook works with other security experts to ensure that its privacy controls are updated is proof that the company puts the privacy of its users in the forefront. In the article Our Commitment to the Facebook Community, Zuckerberg says, “We also work with regulators, advocates and experts to inform our privacy practices and policies” (Tow 1). Consequently, Facebook pursues new privacy monitoring standards as reviewed by the industry players. There are also agreements that Facebook participates in which create frameworks on how internet services company ought to approach security concerns in the U.S and other countries around the globe. It shows that Facebook recognizes the need to keep alert as the internet is prone to changes that may make privacy controls at one time outdated. There is a need to liaise with other industry players and experts so as to identify the privacy loopholes and devise ways to handle them appropriate. In the end, the biggest beneficiaries are the users as their privacy concerns are taken care of.

Facebook has the privacy concerns of its users every time. It conducts security and privacy access checks every day to enhance the experience of the users. Zuckerberg asserts, “We do privacy access checks literally tens of billions of times each day to ensure were enforcing that only the people you want see your content. These privacy principles are written very deeply into our code” (Tow 1). It is the concern of the user that the material he or she posts be only accessible to intended people. There emerge loopholes that hackers explore to access materials that users want to keep private. The privacy checks are meant to identify these loopholes and acts immediately to seal them. Facebook conducts the checks on a daily basis to handle any emerging problems as early as

Write a 2 page essay on ICE Pa


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