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Widgets R US has been slow to

Widgets R US has been slow to .

1. Widgets R US has been slow to the market in picking up the dynamics for new products. This means that the company has missed out in developing new innovations because they were not able to pick up the signs from the marketplace. How would project management processes and methodologies to assist them in being able to pick up on the dynamics of the marketplace and reduce their chances of missed opportunity? 2. When an organization is using net present value to evaluate the priority of their projects it is clear there looking to see which project will bring about the most profit. How can measuring projects only on profitability hurt an organization and ultimately cost them great revenue?

1. It is true that if any company, whether it is the Widget R US or any other are not able to analyze the market on a continuous basis and do not introduce innovation or make anyother changes as…

Widgets R US has been slow to


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