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which of the following graphs represents the function f(x) = x2 + x − 6?

Which of the following graph represent the function of X? – 1 Answer. Graph (a) represents the function of x, because vertical line drawn in (a) meets the graph at only one point i.e., for one x, in domain there exist only one f(x) in codomain.

Which of the following graph represents the graph of function? – Graph D represents a function. To check whether the graph represents a function or not, we perform vertical line test. Vertical Line test: If any vertical line intersects a graph at exactly one point then the graph represents a function otherwise not.

How do you find which graph best represents a function?

How can you identify a function from a graph? – You can use the vertical line test on a graph to determine whether a relation is a function. If it is impossible to draw a vertical line that intersects the graph more than once, then each x-value is paired with exactly one y-value. So, the relation is a function.

Which graph does not represent a function? – If we can draw any horizontal line that intersects a graph more than once, then the graph does not represent a function because that y value has more than one input.

What graph represents a function that has an inverse? – This generalizes as follows: A function f has an inverse if and only if when its graph is reflected about the line y = x, the result is the graph of a function (passes the vertical line test).

Which equation represents function? – The notation y=f(x) defines a function named f. This is read as “y is a function of x.” The letter x represents the input value, or independent variable. The letter y, or f(x), represents the output value, or dependent variable.

Which graph represents a linear function? – Representing a Linear Function in Graphical Form When we plot a linear function, the graph is always a line.

How do you find a function?

How do you draw a graph of a function? – We suggest the following methodology in order to plot the graph of a function. Calculate the first derivative ; • Find all stationary and critical points ; • Calculate the second derivative ; • Find all points where the second derivative is zero; • Create a table of variation by identifying: 1.

How do you graph a function in 8th grade?


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