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What would the world be like i

What would the world be like i.

What would the world be like if everyone operated at Kohlberg’s highest level of morality? How would this imaginary world compare to a world occupied by people who placed a higher priority on concern for others (Gilligan’s “care perspective”) than the rights of the individual (Gilligan’s “justice perspective”)? Which world would you prefer to live in?RubricNo journal post made..1-5 sentences..6-10 sentences..More than 10 sentences.. Feedback:No journal post made..Reflections are poorly developed and demonstrate little insight or effort..Reflections are adequately developed and contain appropriate opinions and knowledge..Reflections are well-developed and contain opinions and knowledge that are cohesive, meaningful and insightful.. Feedback:No journal post made..Reflections contain many errors of grammar and/or spelling..Reflections contain one or two minor errors in grammar and/or spelling..Reflections contain grammatically correct sentences without any spelling errors..

What would the world be like i


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