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What obstacles do you anticipate encountering with the development and implementation of the program?

Develop a proposal for a specific program for older adults and/or their families. Assume that your budget is flexible but consider real world limitations to implementing the program.


What is your theoretical and research informed rationale for the program you propose?


Who will be targeted to participate?


Who will staff the program?


What will their qualifications be?


What pre-service and in-service training will they receive?


What obstacles do you anticipate encountering with the development and implementation of the program?


How will you determine the effectiveness of the program?


How will you market the program (advertising, a logo, the name of the program, etc.)?


How will you meet the needs of diverse constituents served by the program?


This must be an original proposal and may not duplicate one prepared for another course. To make sure you cover every important topic.


I suggest you organize your paper with the following subheadings:


Goals of the Program


Factors to consider (market considerations, laws and regulations, financing)


To what extent will your program promote aging in place?


Coordinate services?


Provide new services?


Target different populations?


Integrate services with other agencies or programs


How will you finance your program?


Who benefits from the program


Who will perform the tasks, and what do tasks entail?


Additional information to include


Research literature and other sources:


Retrieve and read at least 10 recent peer-reviewed journal articles, government websites (not more than 3 websites) and/or book chapters on your topic.


Sources should be from 2006 to present.


Recommended databases include: PsycInfo, CINAHL (Nursing and Allied Health Literature), AgeLine, Social Work Abstracts.


Final Project should be 10-15 double spaced pages, not including the title or reference page. Include page numbers. Written assignments may include exhibits or other attachments, but these will not be considered part of the page requirements. Typesetting 12pt Arial



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