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What is a carotid endartarectomy?

HEENT Article (Carotid Artery Stenting)

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  • File carotid_stent_technique_article.pdf (581.732 KB)

Please answer the following questions after reading the article:

1. What are the parameters for considering whether to perform carotid surgery? (two conditions)

2. Reduction in the stroke risk in patients with atherosclerotic disease has been attributed to the use of what or which intervention? (three of them)

3. Experts feel which is a safer means of treating carotid stenosis? Medical Management or surgery?

4. What is a carotid endartarectomy? Explain..

5. Name three contraindications to carotid stenting?

6. What is the one most critical factor from studies that increase peri-procedural complications?

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