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Web 2.0 is nothing but the ter

Web 2.0 is nothing but the ter.

Web 2.0 is nothing but the term which in use to describe the social technologies and impacts the way how people interact simultaneously from all over the world. These are also used at the enterprise level to collaborate with the teams like on shore/ off -shore model.

 As we all know these emerging technological advances will bring the agility also on the down side they are the reason for some new threats. With the advancement and value that these technologies brings all the organizations also should determine where and how to embrace those software’s. It requires successful and careful ongoing efforts to secure the assets like infra, employees and data.

A well defined security program should be adopted by all the organizations when they are ready to deploy web 2.0 technologies in their environment. Companies should also formulate a web 2.0 policy and train their employees on web 2.o practices and security features. Also companies should adapt some hard IT policies to allow a safe landing of Web 2.0 technologies at the enterprise level.

Organizations should have a team to make decisions on how to protect their complete content and also the application data along with monitoring. This team should have the control to discover threats that involved in these kind of internet based application traffic and also to protect the data that might get from the social media applications.

With all the above mentioned in place content based security is essential to mitigate the threats when they are detected during these.IT initiatives like customized browser settings, installation of anti virus software’s, implementing multi factor authentications , developing a data loss protection solution should put in place while adapting these web 2.0 technologies.


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Web 2.0 is nothing but the ter


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