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Warner and Augustine Robins, b

Warner and Augustine Robins, b.

Warner and Augustine Robins, both 33 years old, have been married for 9 years. They live at 638 Russell Parkway, Macon, GA 31207. Augustine’s Social Security number is 445-81-1423 and Warner’s is 798-09-8526. Warner is the president of Dragon Lady Corporation located in Macon. The Dragon Lady stock is owned 40 percent by Warner, 40 percent by Augustine, and 20 percent by Warner father. Warner’s Dragon Lady wages and income tax withholding for 2015 are:

Earnings from Dragon Lady $153,200

Federal tax withheld 8,000

State tax withheld 4,000

The Robins’ other income includes interest on a savings account at Georgia National Bank of $600. In April, Warner canceled a small certificate of deposit at Georgia National Bank and had to pay a $360 penalty on this early withdrawal of savings. During the year, Warner and Augustine paid the following amounts (all of which can be substantiated):

Home mortgage interest $34,800

Real estate taxes on personal residence 5,700

Auto loan interest 4,800

Medical insurance 3,400

Other medical expenses 3,600

Income tax preparation fee 750

Charitable contributions: A painting to the Macon Museum of Arts for exhibition (fair market value established by qualified appraisal) 34,500

Church 2,600

Tree Huggers Foundation (a qualified charity) 3,000

Central Georgia Technical University 5,000

Safe-deposit box 300

The tax basis for the donated painting is $25,000 and the painting has been owned by Warner and Augustine for 5 years.

During the year, Warner sold land to Dragon Lady Corporation for $75,000. He acquired the land 5 years ago for $160,000. No Form 1099-B 1099-B was filed for this transaction.

Dragon Lady Corporation does not have a qualified pension plan or Section 401(k) plan for its employees. Therefore, Warner deposited $11,000 ($5,500 each) into traditional IRA accounts for Augustine and himself (neither are covered by a qualified plan at work).

Required: Complete the Robins’ federal tax return for 2015. Use Form 1040, Schedule A, Schedule B, Schedule D, and Form 8949 to complete this tax return. Make realistic assumptions about any missing data and ignore any alternative minimum tax. Do not complete Form 8283, which is used when large noncash donations are made to charity.

Warner and Augustine Robins, b


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