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Unit II PowerPoint Presentatio

Unit II PowerPoint Presentatio.

 Unit II PowerPoint Presentation Your task is to create an 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation applying no fewer than five of the ten steps of Bryson’s strategic planning process described in Chapter 2 of the textbook, to the organization for which you work or a public/nonprofit organization with which you are familiar. You must bolster your contentions with a minimum of three peerreviewed journal articles from the CSU Online Library. Be creative, but be realistic. Apply those steps or stages that have the most relevance to your chosen organization. You should structure your presentation as if given to your supervisor and/or board. When creating the presentation, craft it in a “business professional” manner with appropriate text proportions, consistent and professional font, and appropriate images to present your information. While some features of PowerPoint may be better at catching attention, it may not be suitable for presenting professional information and driving home your point. Your presentation should be written in APA style writing with appropriate citations. Include a references slide at the end of you

Unit II PowerPoint Presentatio


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