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Two points A and B on the surf

Two points A and B on the surf.

Two points A and B on the surface of the Earth are at the same longitude and 60.0° apart in latitude. Suppose that an earthquake at point A creates a P wave that reaches point B by traveling straight through the body of the Earth at a constant speed of 7.80 km/s. The earthquake also radiates a Rayleigh wave, which travels along the surface of the Earth in an analogous way to asurface wave on water, at 4.50 km/s. (a) Which of these two seismic waves arrives at B first? (b)What is the time difference between the arrivals of the two waves at B? Take the radius of the Earth to be 6370 km.

P wave: since latitudes are 60° apart therefore direct distance between points A and Bis 2* sin(60/2)°*R = R = 6370 kmR-> radius of Earth=6370 kmvelocity of P wave = 7.80 km/sTime Taken…

Two points A and B on the surf


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