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Two discussion questions

Response Guidelines

Respond to at least one of your peers, analyzing the best practice strategies they shared. For each peer, comment on how the points they presented compare to the information that you obtained. Provide two additional strategies each peer might consider.

The multidisciplinary approach teaches one to identify the problem, analyzing the problem, creating solutions and recommendations, and communication.  Some of those best practices is developing a culture of effective honest communication. Communication is the foundation of the collaborative team and shapes the outcome of how the individuals who make up the team will be able to react and respond to client care. It is important that open, honest, and effective communication is established from the beginning. There are so many different professional that work on the team and share different viewpoints.

Effective communication creates an atmosphere for a healthy team unit, effective team collaboration, client-professional trust, team trust, and creates better service for the client. When a team is effective in their level of communication, less conflicts are present and when there are conflicts that team can easily create conflict resolutions without tension or confusion (Johlke and Duhan, 2000).

The article addresses the importance of creating an atmosphere of effective team communication in order to provide safe and efficient client care. The complexity of medical care, coupled with the inherent limitations of human performance, make it critically important that clinicians have standardized communication tools, create an environment in which individuals can speak up and express concerns, and share common “critical language” to alert team members to unsafe situations (Leonard, Graham and Bonacum, 2014). How the team is developed from the beginning creates the foundation of how professionals will respond in the group setting.  The team member communication needs need to bet met. Communication needs are the need to be able to openly and honestly express oneself. The need to be able to address differences openly. The need to communicate effectively and agree and disagree without confrontation and conflict.

Teams that begin with effective communication will develop a system within the collaborative efforts to ensure quality care and team cohesiveness. Teams that utilizing a systemic approach such as the multidisciplinary approach have greater opportunities with empowering clients to be resilient through challenging situations./ Monica


Response Guidelines

Review the self-assessments of one of your peers, and respond to at least one in depth. In your response, address the following:

  • How did your self-assessment of your skills compare with those of your peer? What were the similarities and differences?
  • Provide two additional recommendations you would suggest to address the identified weaknesses.

Communication is the foundation for all interpersonal relationships. Exchanging messages to understand another’s perceptions, ideas, and experiences is especially important in helping relationships. Helping others will be difficult if we do not understand their problems or concerns (Woodside & McClam, 2015). Communication involves sending a message to another person with the conscious intent of affecting the receiver’s behavior.  When the receiver interprets the message the way the sender intended, effective communication has taken place. When one person interprets the message differently from the way it was intended, the result is communication failure, the most common source of misunderstandings in interpersonal relationships.


When communicating with stakeholders it’s important to identify the target audience. Be deliberate and seek out input from all known groups to find the unknown groups. It can be tough when too late in the project a critical person or group is identified that has not received any of the communication through course of project and has valuable links that need to be addressed. So make sure you avoid this scenario and take all the steps early to create a document with all stakeholders you need to manage communication with. Once you have that the ways below can help you keep communication active, frequent and ongoing collaboration so there is strong support for you project (Taylor, 2013).


Some of my strengths include a strong verbal vocabulary and I can usually speak to anybody easily or with little hesitation. Some weaknesses I have would be non-verbal body language and maybe facial expressions; sometimes I let my expressions speak before I get the right words out. I would definitely work on refining my body language and facial expressions, also at times I need to work on not blurting out my thoughts without thinking them through. Everybody can use pointers when it comes to communicating effectively, especially when it concerns stakeholders or a group of people you want support from./ Joanna



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