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two assignments due January 8,

two assignments due January 8,.

two assignments due January 8, 2019

first section 2 pages second section 4 pagesSoftware Requirements Engineering (CS455)The four assignments being accomplished in the first four weeks of this class will introduce you to several different aspects that must be considered during the process of requirements development on a project. To implement this requirements development process, you will need to choose 1 of the following 3 scenario options and carry that option throughout the course to the final project:OPTION 1: Organization X providing online banking servicesOPTION 2: Organization Y providing defense contracting servicesOPTION 3: Organization Z providing airline reservation servicesThe goal of the overall final project will be to ensure that you can practice requirements engineering methodologies within your chosen scenario and have the skills required to develop software requirements specifications and to understand project requirements and associated risks and designs, after interacting with customers; therefore, in this first individual project you will need to work with the customer at the project kick-off to perform requirements elicitation, identification, definition, and the required documentation described.You will need to describe how the requirements engineering team worked with the clients to perform project requirements discovery or elicitation and identification, and show the customer your SRS specification outline. Provide the following in this first assignment:Describe some of the preparations you will need to make technically in preparation of the requirements kick-off meeting.Describe some of the skills needed by the developer to adequately elicit software requirements and the intended outcome of the requirements elicitation process.Provide an outline for the SRS specification document to be delivered in Week 5 of the course (Note: this will be carried over and expanded on in your Final Project).A reference list in proper APA format must be provided.An abstract and running header is optional. __________________________________________________________________________________________Business Intelligence (IT415)You have been asked to develop a Business Intelligence Development Plan for a local corporation that has recently implemented a new centralized information management system. The corporation can be your choice of either a hypothetical example or an existing company.The document should be in the following format (use Word document):Business Intelligence Development PlanTitle pageCourse number and nameProject nameStudent nameDateTable of contentsUse the auto-generated TOC.Make it a maximum of 3 levels deep.Be sure to update the fields of the TOC so that it is up-to-date before submitting your project.Section headings (create each heading on a new page)Business Intelligence JustificationBusiness Performance PlanBusiness Performance MethodologiesData Classification and Visualization AssessmentData-Mining Methods and ProcessesEach week, you will add a section to the Business Intelligence Development Plan and submit it for grading. Be sure that you support your information each week with scholarly sources and that you cite each source both in-text and in the References section using APA. The first section of new content will be as follows:Business Intelligence Justification (Week 1 IP): 4–5 pagesDescribe the general business environment for the case study organization.Define at least 6 problems related to decision making that currently exist in the organization.Describe the typical organizational response to the above 6 problems using the business pressure-responses-support model.Describe the quantitative and qualitative impact of the organizational response to the 6 problems on managerial decision making.Describe how business intelligence can be used to support problem solving and decision support in the case study organization.Name the document “yourname_IT415_IP1.doc.”

two assignments due January 8,


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