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Think of a situation you’ve ex

Think of a situation you’ve ex.

Think of a situation you’ve experienced recently in which you could have been more assertive OR think of a situation that’s coming up in which you need to be assertive.

Briefly describe the situation:

Now, walk through the four tips for being more assertive you learned in this week’s video. For each step below, fill in your responses.

1.  Know Your Priorities: What are your “N.U.T.s” in this situation?

2.  Be straightforward: What is it about this situation that is bothering you?

3.  Posture and Eye-Contact: How will you present yourself using body language to show you are serious and value yourself?

4.  Use “I” Statements: Instead of saying “you always” or “you never,” how can you tell the person what’s bothering you and what you want him or her to do?

Think of a situation you’ve ex


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