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The Wall Street Journal report

The Wall Street Journal report.

The Wall Street Journal reported the following spot and forward rates for the Swiss franc ($/SF)Spot $0.820230 day forward $0.824490 day forward $0.8295180 day forward $0.8343a) Was the Swiss franc selling at a discount or premium in the forward market?b) What was the 30-day forward premium (or discount)?c) What was the 90-day forward premium (or discount)?d) Suppose you executed a 90-day forward contract to exchange 100,000 Swiss francs into US dollars. How many dollars would you get 90 days hence?e) Assume a Swiss bank entered into a 180-day forward contract with Bank of America to buy 4100,000. How many francs will the Swiss bank deliver in six months to get the US dollars?

The Wall Street Journal report


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