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The students in ACCT 450 decid

The students in ACCT 450 decid.

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The students in ACCT 450 decide to form apartnership in order to start a business that researchesmergers and acquisitions and sells their analysis toinvestors via a monthly report . Further , they decide*to split the responsibilities of the partnership into*three different areas as follows :". One third of the students invest the majority ofthe capital needed to get the business started ,but do not want to be involved on the daily*operations .One third of the students have extensive*experience in analyzing mergers andacquisitions and plan to perform the majority*of the daily work..The remaining third of the students believe*they provide the most value to the newpartnership by marketing the monthly report totheir investment contacts .RequiredWrite a memo to the other members of ACCT 450proposing two different ways the partnership canfairly allocate the profits of the partnership among*the three different groups of partners identified.above . Feel free to be creative , but please make sureyour proposals are at least somewhat realistic .

The students in ACCT 450 decid


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