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The quality of any software is

The quality of any software is.

1. The quality of any software is important if the software is to be accepted by the final customer for use.However a number of factors influence the quality of the given software. In light of the above define software quality and FOUR factors that affect them (5 Marks)

2. With the aid of a well labeled diagram describe the THE RISK MANAGEMENT PROCESS stating atleast THREE types of risks in each category (9 Marks)

3. Product metrics are predictor metrics that are used to measure internal attributes of asoftware system. List and explain SIX Examples of product metrics .(6 Marks)

4. User or customer testing is a stage in the testing process in which users or customersprovide input and advice on system testing. Discuss any three types of user Testing (3 Marks)

5. A filling station (gas station) is to be set up for fully automated operation. Driversswipe their credit card through a reader connected to the pump; the card is verified bycommunication with a credit company computer, and a fuel limit is established. The drivermay then take the fuel required. When fuel delivery is complete and the pump hose isreturned to its holster, the driver’s credit card account is debited with the cost of the fueltaken. The credit card is returned after debiting. If the card is invalid, the pump returns itbefore fuel is dispensed.

a. Draw a UML state diagram showing the possible state changes in thefilling station system. (5 Marks)

6. Using your knowledge of how an ATM is used, develop atleast THREE set of use cases that could serveas a basis for understanding the requirements for an ATM system.

The quality of any software is


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