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The name of the case study is

The name of the case study is .

I need help with case study questions. The name of the case study is “columbine high school shooting.” I can upload the chapter that you can find the case study details

Here are the questiions form the case study:

1.    How did the preceding essay’s point regarding the vulnerability and potential for minister predation of oral messages play a role in the Columbine tragedy?

2.    What effect did the unavailability of up-to-date floor plans for Columbine High School have on police choices? Why were current maps not readily on hand?

3.    Why did ultimately a thousand law enforcement officers arrive at Columbine from sur- rounding metro-Denver jurisdictions? What were the effects upon those already there at- tempting to cope with the emergency? What accounted for such ineffective coordination among various units?

4.    How did the perceptions of each type of emergency responders—for example, SWAT teams, bomb experts, and medical crews—shape their communications, both what they saw and how they related what they saw to others at the scene? Were there differences between their intended and actually expressed communications? If so, can you cite examples?

5.    What caused the delay in setting up a central command post, and how did that add to the confusion of operational communications and decision making among law enforce- ment personnel?

6.    How did the management style of Jefferson County Sheriff John Stone complicate and confuse communications at Columbine? What assumptions did Stone make about the situation, and what would you recommend that he should have said or done differently during the crisis?

7.    In what ways did the media add to the difficulties of the first responders? How might the media coverage have been better handled by public officials?

8.    What lessons can law enforcement and emergency responder agencies learn from the ineffective communication at Columbine?

9.    Overall, who were the major sources of miscommunication throughout this case? Can you generalize about the overall impacts of flawed information upon the effectiveness of law enforcement during the emergency? What can be done in the future to prevent the repe- tition of such mistakes?

The name of the case study is


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