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The acch panying display is a

The acch panying display is a .

(please show work details)

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The acch panying display is a partially ccmpleted ANDVA table for the experiment describedin Exercise 15.23 [with heuses representing blacks and assesscrs representing treatments]. Seurce cuf’ Sum of MeanVaflaflnn df’ Squares Square FTreatments 1 I .II" Blocks 11.5.5 Errcnr Total 250.3 a. Fill in the missing entries in the ANDVA table. b. Use the ANDVA F statistic and a .55 level of significance to test the null hypothesis of hedifference between assessc-rs. A particular ccunty employs three assesscrs whd are res pensible fcr determining the value cfresidential prdpertyr in the county. Tc see whether these assesscrs differ systematically in theirappraisals, 5 hcuses are selected, and each assesscr is asked to determine the market valueat each house. Explain why a randcmized black experiment [with blocks ccrrespdnding ta tn the5 heuses] was used rather than a cdmpletely randcmized experiment invdlving a tctal pf 15hc-uses with each assessc-r asked tc- appraise 5 different hc-uses I: a different grcup cf 5 for eachassessor].

The acch panying display is a


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