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Technology and Organizational

Technology and Organizational .

Technology and Organizational Communication

This week, you read about the technological advances that affect organizational communication. From the way we store files to the way we conduct meetings, technology has brought a great deal of change to communication. Consider the changes technology has brought to the workplace. How has it changed communication in organizations (both in content and mode)? In this Discussion, you will address the challenges and opportunities of working in a global organizational environment.

Think about an organization that you think is on the cutting edge of using technology and reflect on this week’s video resource.

With these thoughts in mind:

Response in which you address the following questions:

  • What opportunities does this organization have that other, less technologically advanced companies do not? How does technology allow this organization to take advantage of those opportunities?

  • Today, organizations may have people in many locations working as part of the same team. How does the technology that allows virtual teams to exist also present challenges for those teams and for team leaders?

  • How might virtual and international team leaders adapt the concept of framing (as presented in Chapter 10 of your course text) for interaction in their unique environments?

  • How are advances in technology changing not only the mode but also the content of organizational communications? What challenges and benefits to content might these advances in technology changes present?

Technology and Organizational


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