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Steps: Explain the following:1

Steps: Explain the following:1.

Steps: Explain the following:

1. What are the three (3) questions that a company (or a person) must fully answer and engage in order to be successful in managing its financial activities?  Discuss what is required for a company to fully answer each of these questions.  Please do not just list the questions but discuss your experience with any one (or all) of these questions.

2. Describe the cycle of money, the participants in the cycle, and the common objective of borrowing and lending.

3. Discuss the three main categories of financial management.

4. Identify the main objective of the finance manager and how he or she might meet that objective.

5. Explain the different ways of classifying financial markets.

6. Explain the difficulties of managing international business operation stem from three issues including: (100 – 150 words each)

  • 1.Cultural risk that can stem from cultural differences
  • 2. Business risk that can arise from differences in business practices
  • 3. Political risk that can arise from differences in governance

Steps: Explain the following:1


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