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Risk Response Plan


  • Risk does not have to derail or stop a project. By understanding how risks are identified, planned for, and mitigated, the student will learn how to successfully complete a project despite risks.This assignment requires you to understand project risks, learn how to monitor those risks, and develop strategies to manage those risks. Finally a risk review of the Week One project will put the concepts to work on a real project.

    Use the same company and project you used in Week One.
    Write a 1,050 to 1,400-word business paper.
    Cite at least two credible references. Wikipedia, eHow, businessdictionary.com, and the like are not acceptable academic sources.
    Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines.
    Avoid the use of first-person and similar verbiage.
    Implement the following outline to ensure all required topics are addressed.
    Include APA headings within the paper as indicated in the outline below.

    1. Introduction (no heading)
    2. Risk response plan purpose (heading)
    3. Risk owner (heading)
    4. Describe a risk owner
    5. Identify who should be appointed to own risk on a project
    6. Analyze the risk owner’s role in the risk response plan
    7. Risk assessment (heading)
    8. Describe how a project manager should assess and deal with risks
    9. Identify the most common areas of the project where risks can originate
    10. List and discuss at least two types of risk foreach area where risks can originate
    11. Project risk review (heading)
    12. Identify the risks in the Week One project
    13. Analyze how the risks were handled
    14. Evaluate if and how the risks should have been handled differently
    15. Conclusion (heading)



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