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Researchers who study the proc

Researchers who study the proc.

3. Researchers who study the process of reading in children have discovered that better readers make smoother eye movements across the page (e.g., there is a positive correlation between reading skill and the smoothness of the eye movements). Which of the following is a possible cause of this correlation between smooth eye movements and reading ability?

a.) Some third factor might cause both smooth eye movements and improved reading ability.

b.) All of these options are possible causes of the correlation.

c.) The ability to make smooth eye movements improves reading ability.

d.) Having good reading skills allows a child to make smooth eye movements.

4. Katie wants to calculate the Pearson correlation coefficient to find the relationship between number of hours a person sleeps the night before an exam and the exam score. She collects data from 100 people. What is the df value?

a.) 100

b.) 101

c.) 98

d.) 99

5. Tamira finds that the Pearson correlation coefficient for the relationship between number of pets owned and IQ is +0.21. There are 25 people in her sample. Assuming an alpha level of 0.05 and a two-tailed test, what should she conclude?

6. Using the Pearson correlation coefficient to analyze the relationship between two variables is only appropriate if:

a.) the variables are linearly related.

b.) both variables are measured on an ordinal scale

c.).both variables are measured on at least an interval scale

d.).the variables are linearly related and they are both measured on at least an interval scale.

7. A variable shows reliability when:

a.) it is accepted in the Encyclopedia of Psychology.

b.) other researchers demonstrate that it does measure what it is supposed to measure.

c.) the same results are obtained each time it is measured.

d.) enough experimenters decide to use it in their research.

Researchers who study the proc


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