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Read the following definition

Read the following definition .

  1. Read the following definition claim then (1) identify the criteria issue, and (2) identify the match issue.

“American Sign Language is/is not a ‘foreign language’ for purposes of college graduation requirements.”

2.Read the following claim of precedent and evaluate how effective you think each precedent might be in establishing the claim, then explain (1) how you would develop the argument, and (2) how would you cast doubt on the argument.

“To increase alumni giving to our university, we should put more funding into our football program. When University X went to postseason bowls for three years in a row, alumni donations to building programs and academics increased by 30 percent. We can expect the same increases here.”

3.Read the following statement and then (1) explain how you could support the simple categorical claim with examples or data that might convince readers that the specified case fits within the named category, and (2) discuss ways you might rebut the claim.

“Bottled water is environmentally unfriendly.” (That is, bottled water belongs in the category of “environmentally unfriendly substances.”)

Read the following definition


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