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Question: I don’t understand h

Question: I don’t understand h.

Question:I don’t understand how to get the confidence interval here. Please help

1. What is the best estimate for the population mean? The best estimate for a population mean for the dive scores in the Olympics is 900

2. Develop a 90%, 95%, and 98% confidence interval for the population mean.

3. Interpret the confidence interval.

H.0 <=900 t= 2.38 H.1 >900 p1= 1.89 With a 90% confidence level, because p1<t, we accept H.0 meaning for the Olympics the mean score will be equal to or less than 900. S. Mean 900 p2= 2.92 Mean 865 p3= 4.85 SD 82 N 31 With a 95% and 98% confidence level, because p2 and p3 are greater than t we reject H.0 and accept H.1 meaning we accept that for the Olympics the mean will be larger than a score of 900. Alpha 1 0.1 Alpha 2 0.05 Alpha 3 0.02

Question: I don’t understand h


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