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Puget Sound Divers is a compan

Puget Sound Divers is a compan.

need help putting together this flexible budget plan.

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Puget Sound Divers is a company that provides diving services such as underwater ship repairs to clients in the Puget Soundarea. The company’s planning budget for May appears below: Puget Sound DiversPlanning BudgetFor the Month Ended May 31 Budgeted diving-hours (q) 400Revenue ($450 . 00q) $180, 000Expenses:Wages and salaries ($11,800 + $126.00q) 62,200Supplies ($3.00q) 1,200Equipment rental ($2,500 + $23.00q) 11,700Insurance ($4,000) 4,000Miscellaneous ($540 + $1.48q) 1:132Total expense 80,232Net operating income $ 99:768 During May, the company’s actual activity was 390 diving-hours. Required:Prepare a flexible budget for May. (Round your answers to the nearest whole number.)

Puget Sound Divers is a compan


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