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psychology questions

Classical conditioning is considered to be a form of       perceptual learning.

       instrumental learning.

       stimulus-response learning.

       intra-modal learning.

       relational learning.

Question 2.2. Damage to human visual association cortex would be expected to impair the ability to       sense changes in the color of objects.

       detect movement.

       differentiate between two tones. 

       recognize familiar objects.

       detect changes in binocular depth cues.

Question 3.3. The ________ plays a key role in short-term memory for all sensory systems.       superior temporal cortex

       cingulate cortex

       dorsal parietal cortex

       prefrontal cortex

       inferior temporal cortex

Question 4.4. People with retrograde amnesia cannot       remember stressful or traumatic events.

       recall childhood experiences.

       learn new information.

       transform their short-term memories into long-term memories.

       recall events that occurred prior to the brain injury.

Question 5.5. ________ is a primary disturbance in comprehension or production of speech that is caused by brain damage.       Agraphia 





Question 6.6. Behavior is said to be a lateralized function of the left hemisphere in that       electrical stimulation of the left hemisphere has less effect on language than does similar stimulation of the right hemisphere.

       language problems are more likely to be noted after damage to the left rather than the right hemisphere.

       right-handed persons are more likely to have their language center located within the right hemisphere.

       most language problems are noted after damage to the right rather than the left hemisphere.

       the right hemisphere is most active during our verbal behaviors.

Question 7.7. Damage to the right hemisphere would most likely impair our capacity to       control the movements of our right hand.

       understand speech.

       produce speech.

       read instructions aloud.

       read a map.

Question 8.8. An important feature of Wernicke’s aphasia involves difficulty in       using function words.

       understanding speech. 

       using prepositions.

       awareness of her or his deficits in speech.

Question 9.9. American Sign Language (ASL) is similar to spoken language in that       the left hemisphere is activated during the interpretation of signs. 

       damage to the left hemisphere does not alter sign language comprehension or expression. 

       damage to the right hemisphere greatly impairs sign language comprehension and expression. 

       spoken language can easily be translated into ASL on a word-for-word basis. 

       left-handed persons show better sign and language expression than comprehension.

Question 10.10. The key characteristic of a malignant tumor is that such a tumor       does not require surgery.

       cannot cause brain damage. 

       has a distinct border.

       spreads rapidly through infiltration of adjacent tissue.

       can give off cancerous cells that in turn infiltrate distant sites.

Question 11.11. The ________ seizure disorder is often seen in children and is characterized by a spell of absence.       complex

       petit mal

       simple partial



Question 12.12. A 50-year-old man has experienced a major stroke caused by a thrombus that occluded brain blood vessels. To prevent the occurrence of another stroke, his physicians would most likely       administer an anticoagulant.

       administer drugs that lower blood pressure.

       cut out the embolus using invasive surgery.

       use deep brain stimulation to facilitate neuron regrowth.

       administer massive doses of antibiotics.

Question 13.13. Phenylketonuria is caused by       an inherited lack of an enzyme that produces tyrosine. 

       accumulation of waste products in the brain.

       neurofibrillary tangles.

       toxic chemicals released by a virus.

       leakage from ketones into the brain blood system.

Question 14.14. The mental retardation shown in Down syndrome is caused by       the absence of the 21st chromosome.

       a buildup of waste products in the neurons of brain.

       a genetic error involving a missing vital enzyme.

       the presence of an extra 21st chromosome.

       an inherited faulty gene.

Question 15.15. ________ is caused by degeneration of dopamine-secreting neurons of the substantia nigra.       Encephalitis 

       Parkinson’s disease 


       Multiple sclerosis

       Acute anterior poliomyelitis

Question 16.16. An autoimmune reaction that damages ________ is the cause of the multiple sclerosis.       the myelin sheaths surrounding nerve cells 

       presynaptic muscarinic receptors

       acetylcholinergic neurons

       GABAergic neurons

       sclerotic plaques

Question 17.17. Rabies is a type of       autoimmune disorder.

       viral encephalitis.

       degenerative disrder related to matrix proteins.

       bacterial infection.

       sporadic degenerative disease.

Question 18.18. Meningitis leads to damage of the brain because this disease produces       damaged secretory cells within the choroid plexus.

       scar tissue on the meninges.

       inflammation of the meninges that interferes with the flow of blood or cerebrospinal fluid.

       a buildup of the long form of ß-amyloid precursor protein.

       sclerotic plaques.

Question 19.19. Your ability to recognize a series of photos that you looked at a month ago is an example of       extinction.

       stimulus-response learning.

       classical conditioning.

       intermodal learning.

       perceptual learning.

Question 20.20. A person with Broca’s aphasia would be expected to       show great difficulty in articulating words.

       easily articulate words like “cigarette.”

       show fluent articulate speech.

       be unable to answer yes or no questions about object functions.

       easily name objects.


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