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problem 7.17 Mannering Traffic

problem 7.17 Mannering Traffic.

problem 7.17 Mannering Traffic and highway engineering 5th edition an approach to a pretimed signal with a 60 sec cycle has nine vehicles in the queue at the beginning of the effective green. Four of the nine vehicles in the queue are left over from the previous cycle. The saturation flow rate of the approach is 1500veh/h, total delay for the cycle is 5.78 vehicle-minutes, and at the end of the effective green therea re 2 vehicles left in the queue. Determine the arrival rate assuming that it is unchanged over the duration of the observation period assume d/d/1 queueing. Please provide a Queueing diagram so i can figure out how to work this problem thank you greatly appreciated !

problem 7.17 Mannering Traffic


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