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Pro/Con Human Sex Trafficing In Texas

Signature Assignment Course Assignment Title Assignment ID GOVT 2306 – Texas Government GOVT 2306-Signature Assignment 1 (to be assigned)
10 full pages of content
1 citation sheet
maximum 3 graphs/charts
must use 3 book sources********
Outcomes/Rubrics to be Assessed by the Assignment
o Communication o Critical Thinking o Personal Responsibility o Social Responsibility
Assignment Description
Paper Criteria: * Topic selection—A current governmental or political (not historical) issue or problem of importance. * Content—Address the various sides of the current issue with the Student drawing personal conclusions based on their analysis of the issue, and demonstrating an understanding of its complexities. * Present an informed evaluation of the evidence and the different viewpoints surrounding the topic. Compare and contrast the different viewpoints of the sources cited, taking into account position limits. Analyze and question your sources’ assumptions. *Paper length—Your paper should contain a minimum of 750 words (not counting headings). (No maximum length). The paper should be typewritten, double-spaced, and based on information from a minimum of three sources (no maximum). * Writing style—With few or no typographical errors, misspelled words, and grammatical errors. Use proper complete sentence and paragraph structure. Improve your writing style by revising the paper as many times as necessary. * Citations—Anytime you borrow someone’s ideas, paraphrase or quote them, and cite all sources using an appropriate method approved by the Instructor. Construct a bibliography (e.g., a “work cited” or “End Notes” page) using an appropriate method approved by the Instructor.


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