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Please use Microsoft visual st

Please use Microsoft visual st.

Please use Microsoft visual studio c# application to finish this, your work should same as app picture i post,

You have been hired by a company to create an application that will generate random numbers to use for lottery tickets.

The application should create numbers for 3 different lotteries. The lotteries include:

 3 number lottery (numbers 0 – 9)

4 number lottery (numbers 0 – 9)

5 number lottery (numbers 1 – 39)

Each lottery should not have duplicated numbers in it.

For 5 extra credit points make sure that the same number is not used twice in all of the lotteries.

You will want to use an array

A bool array would work nice

You will want to create a method to set all numbers to false at the beginning and before eachnew lottery game

Should be an instance variable

Please use Microsoft visual st


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