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“Please Read Directions Carefu

“Please Read Directions Carefu.

“Please Read Directions Carefully:”       

  Threaded Discussion: 

The answer must be a paragraph that has “6 sentences or more” per question. This is Not a paper. 

“Place answer and references/ and or website UNDER EACH QUESTION.”

And no plagiarism please.


1. What are the drawbacks/limitations of the capital asset pricing model? What are the advantages and disadvantages of APT and Fama-French models?

2. What are the main monetary tools the Fed uses? How does monetary policy affect key economic variables?

3. Please list and explain the most important item to consider when forecasting income and expenses in real estate. Why is that item so important? 

4. Should a real estate investor try to be “debt-free?” Why or why not?

“Please Read Directions Carefu


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