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Personal Responsibility Essay

Being a member of the Plural Executive in Texas:
Personal Responsibility Assignment
DEADLINE: Monday, May 6th at 11:59pm
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The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has defined the core objectives of “Personal Responsibility” as the ability to connect choices, actions, and consequences of ethical decision-making.
Criteria used in this assessment:

  • Understanding Choices: the options that are available in a situation.
  • Understanding Actions: the behaviors that are used or demonstrated.
  • Understanding Consequences: the result of outcomes of making a choice and taking action and connection to the ethical decision-making.

Choose a member of the plural executive in Texas – Governor, Lt Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, Land Commissioner, or Commissioner of Agriculture – that you want to be. Choose an issue that the officer you have chosen has to deal with.
Write a 5-paragraph essay describing how you, in the role that you have chosen, would deal with that issue in light of the above criteria (choices, actions, consequences).
Paragraph 1 (intro), 4 points:
Tell what role in the Texas Plural Executive you have chosen to be and why you chose that office. Next, identify the issues that you are going to deal with in your role. Why did you choose this issue? What is your goal? What do you hope to accomplish?
Paragraph 2 (understanding choices), 4 points:
Describe two options that you have in dealing with the issue you have selected.
Paragraph 3 (understanding actions), 4 points:
What are the advantages of EACH option?
Paragraph 4 (understanding actions), 4 points:
What are the disadvantages of EACH option?
Paragraph 5 (understanding consequences), 4 points:
Which option do you choose and why? How does the choice you made connect to ethical decision-making?
TOTAL: 20 points

  • Minimum of one full page
  • 1” margins, times new roman font
  • double-spaced
  • Research must be cited with in text citations and a works cited page on a separate page at the end.
  • Written at the college level and free of grammatical, punctuation, spelling and other writing style mistakes.
  • Please put your name on the first page of the essay
  • Microsoft Word or PDF formats only


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