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Peer-Reviewed APA Summary Assignment

Peer-Reviewed APA Summary Assignment.

Weekly Peer-Reviewed Paper Summary – APA 6E Guide. To complete this assignment, follow the following instructions:

The Rubric:

  1. Read the attached peer-reviewed research paper in its entirety
  2. In your own words, using the APA 6E guide, prepare a 150 words to 250 words summary about this paper
  3. This paper will be prepared in MS Word format ONLY — (typically double spaced, 12-font in Times New Roman)
  4. Write-up MUST be original student thoughts following your read and comprehension of this research work
  5.  DO NOT COPY and PASTE parts/sections of the research paper to complete this assignment
  6. DO NOT COPY and paste your assignment on the SafeAssign platform when you submit,
  • attachment


Peer-Reviewed APA Summary Assignment


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