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Part B You will now perform th

Part B You will now perform th.


Part B You will now perform the construction of a tangent to a circle using modern tools. Open GeoGehra ‘ and complete each stepbelow. If you need help, follow these instructions for using GeoGebra. . Create a circle with a center at point A with a radius of your choice. . Now create a point outside of circle A, and label it point 3. Draw a line segment connecting points A and 3.Find the midpoint of line segment AB, and label it point C. . Using point C as the center, create a circle that passes through point A.. Circle A and circle C intersect at two points. Find these intersection points, and label them points D and E. . Draw rays from point B through point D and from point B through point E. Also draw line segments connecting points A and D andpoints A and E. Take a screenshot of your image, save it, and insert the image in the space provided. QAnswe r:

Part B You will now perform th


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