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For this Discussion, review this week’s resources, including the case Working with Clients with Dual Diagnosis: The Case of Joe,and consider how social policies affect Joe’s circumstances as described in the case study. Then, think about any gaps in service you found in Joe’s case. Finally, reflect on how you might address these gaps or make changes to the policies that affect Joe.
Post an explanation of how drug policies affect Joe’s circumstances, as described in the case study. Then, explain any gaps in service you found in Joe’s case as a result of the drug policies described in the case study. Finally, describe a strategy you might use to address these gaps or make changes to the policies that affect Joe
Popple, P. R., & Leighninger, L. (2019). The policy-based profession: An introduction to social welfare policy analysis for social workers (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.

  • Chapter 8, “Mental Health and Substance Abuse” (pp. 161-191)

Plummer, S.-B., Makris, S., & Brocksen, S. M. (Eds.). (2014). Social work case studies: Foundation year. Baltimore: MD: Laureate International Universities Publishing. [Vital Source e-reader].

  • “Working with Clients with Dual Diagnosis: The Case of Joe” (pp. 77–78

Assignment: Advocating with Policy Makers
In social work, advocacy is very important to promote social change. Letters are often used as an effective tool to bring attention to social justice issues. This assignment requires you to choose a social justice issue that is important to you, gather current research and data on the subject matter, and write a one page professional and formal letter to your elected local, state, or national representative responsible for your social justice matter you have identified.
Choose a social welfare problem that you believe is in need of change and write a letter to an elected local, state, or federal official regarding the issue you have chosen. You are not required to send the letter; however, it must be written in a professional, well organized, clear, and concise format.
Assignment: In the same document, submit both Part I and II of the assignment (2 pages):
Part I: Letter to Representative
Your letter should include:

  • A description of the social welfare issue
  • An explanation of how you want the legislator to respond to the issue (vote, create legislation, hold public hearings, etc.) and why.
  • Support of your viewpoints with credible facts and research.

Part II: Explanation (2 pages, double-space, APA format)
For this part of the assignment, provide an explanation of:

  • Why you selected the issue
  • How the issue affects social work
  • The reason you chose the specific representative
  • The approach you took with the representative (consider the representative’s voting history, political affiliation, and any other factors you considered)

Almgren, G. (2017). Health care politics, policy, and services: a social justice analysis. Springer publishing company. http://lghttp.48653.nexcesscdn.net/80223CF/springer-static/media/samplechapters/9780826102362/9780826102362_chapter.pdf
Berkman, N. D., Lohr, K. N., Ansari, M., McDonagh, M., Balk, E., Whitlock, E., … & Hartling, L. (2013). Grading the strength of a body of evidence when assessing health care interventions for the effective health care program of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: an update. In Methods Guide for Effectiveness and Comparative Effectiveness Reviews [Internet]. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US). https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/books/n/cermethguide/cerguidegradesbe/
Concannon, L. (2009). Developing inclusive health and social care policies for older LGBT citizens. British Journal of Social Work39(3), 403-417. https://academic.oup.com/bjsw/article-pdf/39/3/403/4651731/bcm131.pdf?casa_token=tUrc9QmxKUkAAAAA:UjGIyco7iueBrCdBO8JVO9A2q9JJISza2-lKynQh0iE3gbDl8IrUO03MjP75Hc43LpjiMNhzrOOVe_o
Leichter, H. M. (2019). State governments and their capacity for health care reform. In Health Policy, Federalism and the American States (pp. 151-179). Routledge.
Required Reading:
Practices for Engaging the 21st Century Workforce
By William G. Castellano (please google required reading)
Topic of Discussion: Organizational Assessment Tools Based on Army doctrine, organizational policies and directives, and your personal experiences, how would you engage in the following activities?
At a minimum, incorporate two of the below standards in your discussion.

  1. Identify gaps between the workforce on hand and the human capital needs of the organization.


  1. Implement strategies to close gaps in areas such as employee engagement, training / retraining, and organizational adaptability.


  1. Develop a plan for contract support, enduring management practices, and improving organizational culture.

Also include identifying the technological and the technological trends; globalization trends; labor force; and the economics of the new normal of the 21st Century Workforce.
Assignment Instructions:
Write a minimum of 300 words, with at least 2 cited sources to the topic above. The assignment must have at least one in-text citation.  Identify references following the post using APA, 6th Edition format.
NOTE 1: Please review and use the attached Rubrics.
Form 1009C for specific requirements


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