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Now that you have received an

Now that you have received an .

Now that you have received an introduction to critical thinking in the first week, you have an opportunity for self-reflection. You should assess where you are as a critical thinker. Write an APA paper (stay within 750-1000 words) that addresses your barriers to critical thinking and offers suggestions on how you can bring these barriers down. Write this paper in first person since it will be about you. Ultimately this exercise will free you to become a better critical thinker. The paper is to cover 1) identification of your barriers; 2) the possible sources of your barriers (not just your upbringing or environment); 3) how your barriers conflict with thinking critically; and 4) how these barriers can be removed or altered in an effort to become a better critical thinker. YOU MUST USE THESE HEADINGS AS YOUR MAIN TOPIC HEADINGS. YOU MAY USE SUBTOPICS IF YOU WISH.The length of the paper precludes addressing every barrier you may identify, so two or three of the most significant barriers should be chosen. While you may identify several in your introductory paragraph, you should specify the two or three barriers that you will discuss. You may provide examples in your paper but please realize that the examples should only serve as a segue to the larger discussion objective and should not constitute the bulk of the paper. Note: Remember that barriers are conceptual blocks that tend to prevent problem solving and critical thought. Sources of barriers are the original root causes of your barriers.

Now that you have received an


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