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Multiple-choice questions ____

Multiple-choice questions _____ 1. In Part 2 of the book, you complete monthly accounting for which type of business? a. Corporate form of business. b. Merchandising business. c. Manufacturing business. d. Service business. e. None of the above. _____ 2. Which type of accounting method does Mark Foltz Designer use? a. Cash basis accounting. b. Accrual accounting. c. PCA does not require you to make a choice. d. There is no difference between cash basis and accrual accounting. e. None of the above. ______ 3. Mark Foltz’s business type is a: a. Corporation. b. Partnership. c. Sole proprietorship. d. Non-profit. e. None of the above. ______ 4. What chart of accounts did you select for Mr. Foltz’s chart of accounts? Accounting firm. b. Merchandising company. c. Non-profit business. d. Service Company. e. None of the above _____ 5. Mr. Foltz uses which type of posting method? a. Batch posting. b. Real-time posting. c. There is no need to post his books. d. PCA does not require you to make a posting choice. e. None of the above. ______ 6. You can restore data by making which menu bar selection? a. File; Restore. b. Tasks; Backup. c. Maintain; Restore. d. Maintain; Backup. e. None of the above. _____ 7. The correct file name for backing up Mark Foltz Designer, the chart of accounts, and the October 1, 2012 beginning balances is: a. Chapter 9 Chart of Accounts October. b. Chapter 9 Beginning Balances. c. chap9. d. chap7. e. None of the above. _____ 8. Peachtree assigns the following shortened company name to Mark Foltz Designer: a. \Company. b. \Peachtree. c. \marfolde. d. \Sage Software. e. None of the above. _____ 9. The account type of Account No. 3920, Mark Foltz, Capital (or your name, Capital) is: a.\Cash. b. \Equity-gets closed. c. \Equity-doesn’t close. d. \Current assets. e. None of the above. _____ 10. When saving an Excel 2007 or 2010 file, the file extension is: a.docx b. xlsx c. pdf d. ptb e. None of the above.


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