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Movie review

 Please view the documentary “When the Levees Broke, Parts 1 & 2” by Spike Lee (2006), available in the Hagerty Library Collection and at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12xj1sHvIWA

Choose ONE question to answer:

Question 1) The film makes the point that when Engineers make a mistake it is different than when others, such as politicians, administrators, etc make a mistake. Do you agree with this or not, and why?

Question 2) Was this more of a social, technical, or natural disaster?  In other words, what did cause the disaster in New Orleans?  Why were people (meteorologists, government officials, local residents) so surprised by the disaster? 

Question 3) What did Harry Bellafonte mean when he talked about an “arrogance of power” (at 1:21:00)?  What role did the President and Federal Government, FEMA play in the disaster?


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