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Many situations in everyday li

Many situations in everyday li.

Many situations in everyday life involve percent. A useful measure of change in business reports, advertisements, sports data, and government reports, for example, is the percent increase or decrease of a statistic.

Remember that percent times the base gives the percentage, a part of the base. To calculate with a percent, change it to decimal form. An acquaintance of one of the authors was about to take his startup internet company public. He owned 5% of the 900,000 shares of stock that were issued when the company was first formed.

The board of directors decided to reward him by issuing additional stock so that he would then own 10% of the company. How many new shares of stock should be issued and then rewarded to him? (Be careful. Doubling the number of shares he owned would not double the percent.) Discuss with your classmates.

Many situations in everyday li


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