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Managing Org Conflicts

Managing Org Conflicts.

Prepare and submit a 2-hour long training session in the form of PowerPoint slides and training exercises and/or handouts. You already summarized the literature in one area of organizational conflict management and submitted the proposal and outline. Your PowerPoint presentation should roughly follow the outline previously submitted. There is no specific limit on the number of slides you complete, but it should be a realistic number for a two-hour training and include some interactive component rather than straight lecture. Include at least 1 handout or exercise that can be used to retain the audience’s attention. You can use the Notes section on the PowerPoint slides to include any information that goes beyond what is listed on the slides themselves. Be sure to cite all sources appropriately, including pictures and models. Your slides should include references if you use cited material, and you should include a references slide with the full citation in APA format at the end of your presentation.

Managing Org Conflicts


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