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 For your final assignment in this course, you will prepare a complete Professional Trends Review.
Part 1
In a single Word document, prepare a professional trend review that would help prepare you for your professional future.

  • A title page
  • Table of contents
  • An official professional autobiography
  • A 250-word paper describing your career goals based on current trends
  • Summary including how the courses taken will help prepare you for current professional trends

Click here to download CTU Career Services Resources.
Each student at Colorado Technical University has their own unique  career needs. Whether you are just starting out on your chosen career  path, advancing within your current career, or changing careers  altogether, Career Services at CTU Online can assist you with your  career planning and job search. They can help you identify the talents,  skills, knowledge, and experience you could bring to a prospective  employer, as well as help you to better understand your interests and  how your personality type relates to work. They can also help you devise  a career action plan, identify possible job opportunities, and provide  feedback on how you can more effectively position yourself as a  candidate for these opportunities.  connect with your dedicated career coach. CTU Career Services can  also help you with the following: Build your professional brand,  establish your digital identity and social media presence.

  • Learn how to use LinkedIn® and other resources to develop your professional network.
  • Craft a resume that effectively promotes your qualifications and speaks to the needs of your target employer.
  • Enhance your interviewing skills by conducting mock interviews.
  • Network with employers through CTU Career Snapshots and CTU Employer Profile webinars.
  • Access potential career opportunities from employers who have  posted available positions within CTU’s internal job board…and more!

Deliverable for part 1: A Word document of at least 3-5 pages.
Please submit your assignment.  
For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.


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