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Management homework help

Management homework help. MANAGING HUMAN CAPITAL
Today’s Human Capital Management approach perceives employees as assets (human capital) whose current value can be measured with metrics and whose future value is also measurable and can be enhanced through investing in the development of employees.
At the same time, the HR department must show compassion for the various situations in which employees find themselves.
Small organizations often have team members performing multiple HR roles, such as benefits administration, recruitment, selection, payroll, and employee development/training. Normally, larger companies have at least one person in each of these areas. If a company’s HR team is too small for its number of employees, it is likely that employee dissatisfaction will rise because of delayed response times regarding resolution of issues. For example, an HR manager may not understand the timeliness needed for hiring replacement employees for various departments. If that happens, improvement in communications among departments is needed. If a new employee must wait for a busy HR staff member to update insurance records, filing deadlines could be missed.

Consider what you have learned about the “Human Capital Management” approach to Human Resource Management and contrast that with child labor practices that are reported to still be occurring in some U.S. companies overseas.
Discuss the contrasting/conflicting roles of HRM that this might create — one that approaches employees as “assets” that should be nurtured and valued, and one that utilizes child labor.
Your 2- to 3-page 12 Font Times New Roman, & Enhance your submission by utilizing at least two valid sources.

Management homework help


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