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M4A1 Experiment: Electromagnetic Induction

M4A1 Experiment: Electromagnetic Induction.

See attached files.

While completing the experiment Electromagnetic Induction, make sure to keep the following guiding questions in mind :

  • Is the magnitude of the magnetic field the primary determinant in the Emf induced in the coil?  If not, then what is the primary determinate of the magnitude of the induced Emf?
  • How is relative motion between the field and coil induced?  What controls do you have for changing the relative motion?  What is the relationship between the units of RPMand radians per second?
  • How can ratios be used in an experiment when data is only available in the form of relative magnitudes?

To complete the experiment you will need to:

  1. Be prepared with a laboratory notebook to record your observations.
  2. Click the image to open the simulation experiment.
  3. Perform the experiment as described.
  4. Transfer your data and results from your laboratory notebook into the lab report template provided at the end of this experiment description.
  5. Submit your version of the laboratory experiment report.
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  • attachment

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M4A1 Experiment: Electromagnetic Induction


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