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Listed below are some common T

Listed below are some common T.

Listed below are some common Trial Objections from a website called “MD Justice”.

After reading the list- please state your opinion on whether or not these objections benefit a defendant or just drag the trial on unnecessarily?  You must choose one common objection from the list below and explain what the objection is used for, what phase of the trial and how it is either a good objection or an unnecessary objection. Also include which side would be most likely to use this objection. You might even give a case which supports your answer.

  2. Beyond the scope of direct
  3. Hearsay
  4. Asked and answered
  5. Assumes facts not in evidence
  6. Compound question
  7. Misstatement of the record (misquoting the witness)
  8. Argumentative
  9. Improper impeachment
  10. No good faith basis for the question 

Listed below are some common T


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