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Learning Objective 1 – Disting

Learning Objective 1 – Disting.

1)Reading 11:  What is an expected monetary value?  How does the EMV contrast to the monetary value?  Why is it important for a decision maker to ignore irrelevant data?  How sensitive is any decision to changes in probability?

2)Reading 12:  If perfect information is never available, why consider it?  Cite several examples of how you can positively affect or alter the downside risk associated with any decision.

3)Topic for Discussion:( refer accounting assignment3 file)

Many companies have made decisions to reduce their workforces, close stores, and otherwise shrink their businesses – often because of a decision to outsource.  Conduct an Internet search to locate an article about a company that has recently announced significant layoffs, store closings, or other business reductions.

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Learning Objective 1 – Disting


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