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Insert the value 6BH in a regi

Insert the value 6BH in a regi.

In masm program answer all please……………………

1.:11. . .Insert the value 6BH in a registerand then shift the bits right 6 timesWrite the result of performing thenext instructionsMOV AL, 93HMOV CL, 03HSHL AL, CLSAR AL, CLSHR AL, CLWrite a code to perform thenext instructions, then showthe resultInitialize BH with the value.10110111BRotate right one position.Set shift value to rotate rightmore three positionRotate right three moreposition with use of BLWrite a code to performthe next instructions, thenshow the resultInitialize BH with the.value 10110111BRotate left one positionSet shift value to rotateleft more three positionRotate left three moreposition with use of DL

Insert the value 6BH in a regi


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